Monday, 8 December 2008

illustrative drawings

pen drawings by mix amylo

thirty three million trees...

on november 24th, 2008, mix showed this art installation
at ambit dona, barcelona
as part of an exhibition for world aids day...
33 trees are suspended, each representing a million people
living with hiv in the world today...
each tree has 'respect and protect' written on each 'leaf',
which is the world aids day slogan in the UK this year,
in one of 33 different languages...

mix animations on


'drops of me' animation

stills from 'drops of me'
animation by mix amylo

'drops of me' was made in june 2008
and shown at 'free range'
(group exhibition at metafora, barcelona)

'maybe...' animation

stills from 'maybe.../quizas...'

check out some of the animations by mix amylo at youtube

mix exhibitions

dec 2008......‘[fill this space]’__group show__metafora__barcelona

nov 2008......‘expressa’t’:aids awareness exhibition__ambit dona__barcelona

june 2008.....‘free range’__international workshop group show__metafora__barcelona

may 2008......‘no man’s land’__group show__polidor__sant adria de besos__barcelona

april 2008....‘des de fora’__punt multimedia__casa del mig__barcelona

april 2008....‘if not, not’__soundtrack for video ‘fluid stillness’__part of collaboration between barcelona artists from metafora, hangar and piramidon, and MA students from st joost de holanda__shown at hangar and metafora__barcelona
nov 2007.......solo show__twin flat gallery__muswell hill__london__uk

dec 2006.......postcard exhibition__surface gallery__nottingham__uk

nov-dec yet unknown gallery__camden stables market__london__uk

nov 05-may 06..artsquare gallery__muswell hill__london__uk

aug-dec 2005...bayswater road exhibition__london__uk

nov-dec 2004..‘exposition erotique’__mairie__prades__france

july 2004......solo show__red spot gallery__chiswick__london__uk

feb-march 2004.enoteca giraldi__florence__italy

'from a cold distance' (3)

pen illustration

'from a cold distance' (2)

pen illustration

details of 'from a cold distance'

'from a cold distance'

illustrative pen drawings

'from a cold distance'

march 2008

drawn on 4 strips of coated plywood,8 metres in total

examples of the illustrative drawing of mix amylo...
'i'm here somewhere' ('estoy aqui por ahi')
jan 2008...pen on paper...80x60cm...
details from 'i'm here somewhere'

mix amylo art

mix amylo
= artist

website :

from london : based in barcelona